Kerstin Blodig & Ian Melrose

Norwegian-Scottish Roots to New Acoustic Music

Kerstin Blodig: vocals, guitar, bodhrán
Ian Melrose: vocals, guitar, whistles, seljefløyte



acoustic-guitar driven arrangements, a beautiful crystal-clear voice and haunting flute lines are all part of the trademark Kelpie sound. They combine their Celtic and Scandinavian roots with contemporary guitar playing, producing innovative arrangements which range from ballads and atmospheric sound collages to fiery up-tempo instrumentals and songs …


Kerstin Blodig
is regarded as one of the most important interpreters of Scandinavian and Celtic world-music today. Her prize-winning solo albums (e.g. German Critics prize) display her beautifuly crafted vocal interpretations as well as her critically praised guitar expertise. She has also toured extensively with Kelpie, Norland Wind, Talking Water and her Pan-Scandinavian all-women trio Huldrelokkk.

Ian Melrose
has established a strong reputation in the European music scene as a virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist, composer, arranger and producer. He was Clannad’s lead guitarist from 1996 -1999.
He has appeared on over 100 albums, and is currently touring as a soloist, with Kelpie, Celtic Guitar Journeys, Leuchter-Melrose Duo and FourStyles.