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A voice as clear as water from the Norwegian fjords, a whistle like a breath of mist over the Scottish highlands and two beautifully harmonising and groovy guitars. Kelpie is two internationally renowned solo artists in their favourite duo project.
Flowing arrangements of ballads concerning Trolls, Kelpies and other water-spirits, driving up-tempo reels and hallings with plenty of room for spontaneous ideas and improvisation.

“fireworks for body and soul” Offenburger Tageblatt (D)

„Everything was perfect. Two excellent instrumentalists, two wonderful voices, a captivated audience and a perfect sound … Kerstin Blodig’ s Norwegian roots and Ian Melrose’s Scottish heritage fit together perfectly, as if it had never been otherwise. Of course there are strong historical connections between Norway and Scotland, but the musical ties were never so apparent as with Kelpie.” Folkforum (NL)

Just like the water-spirit they get their name from, which appears at lakesides in the form of a beautiful white horse, Kerstin Blodig and Ian Melrose cast a magical spell over their audience, leading them into other-worldly realms –
a dream journey you don’t want to wake up from ….” Kieler Nachrichten (D)

„A high-quality musical programme performed with great skill, passion and an incomparable lightness; the audience was totally enthralled“ Stadland Nordwest-Zeitung (D)

Here we had two professionals playing the audience into a state of ecstasy – sweet heavy melancholy from delicate ballads and pulsating dynamics from powerful songs … The duo Kelpie had the audience screaming for more.”
Landeszeitung Bückeburg (D)

“ … the performances really shine” Canadian Guitar Festival, Del Vezeau (Can)

“A superb mixture of music, humour and exquisite stories …” Gjengangeren (N)

„Virtuosic and compelling.“ Østlendingen (N)

„The currently most fascinating combination of Celtic- and Scandinavian folk music….“ Nordis Magazine